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Saturday, October 14, 2017

So Many Juicers - Which One is Right for You!

If your don't already juice you are missing out on a healthy, fast and colorful way of consuming fruits and vegetables. With the season changing and fruits becoming more expensive, keep in mind the savory concoctions you can make from juicing vegetables can be equally delicious and less fattening than fruit juice. Heat your vegetable juice and you have soup.

Once you decide on how you want to blend your ingredients, centrifugal, masticating or slow juicers, you need to also take into account how much hassle you will tolerate to prepare your daily colorful drink.  You do not want your new juicer to take up residence in an appliance shed or in the back of a cabinet because it is too difficult to use and clean. Size matters.  Pick a juicer that makes the quantity of juice you need in one batch, works in your space without dominating it, and doesn't break the sound barrier.

Between and, you should finally be able to choose your hearts desire juicer. The reason there are so many juicers on the market is because the choice is a personal decision based on your needs and wants. There is no best but your personal best.

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