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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Diet Isn't Working

Reubens Bacchus 

Obviously we can't eat, drink and be merry all the time. And for some of us, we can never indulge without risking an unhealthy Reubenesque body.

You know that a poor diet, and lack of exercise are undermining all your efforts to get and stay thin. And you  should know that you can't blame your weight on your family.  Gene variations that influence weight gain do not impact the ability to lose weight according to John Mathers a professor of human nutrition at Newcastle University.

What may be "new" to you is that  chemical exposures wreak havoc on your metabolism and hormones and greatly impact your dietary success. Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a NYU School of Medicine Professor, says this exposure is a third factor causing the obesity epidemic.  To lose weight, you should reconsider pro-biotics and read up on microbiome diets.

The June 6, 2017, Time magazine cover story, cites these researchers and others, and for once and all dispels the notion that there is any single diet for weight loss.  The evidence is that blood sugar levels vary greatly from person to person even after they eat the same meal. and that this response can be predicted from an individual's microbiome.

Get ready and be wary of all the new products coming your way to personalize your weight loss program.

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