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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rooibos Red Tea - A Fermented Food That Tastes Good
Not really tea at all,  because it comes from the Aspalathus linearis bush, this refreshing drink is a healthy food steaming with antioxidents and probiotics.

Originating in South Africa, red rooibos tea is ground, dried and fermented. Non-caffeinated, it is naturally sweet and fruity and can be enjoyed hot and cold.

OK, I don't like yogurt and think a taste for fermented foods is culturally acquired.  But, compared to Kombucha, this fermented tea is a nectar. Drink it for gut health.

Buy it loose and prepare it with a tea infuser or in a glass teapot with infuser.  Or get the Freshpack (you get two boxes) where the tea bags are ony 10 cents each. The color is really beautiful!

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janice said...

I have just been reading a book on the importance of ingesting both prebiotic and probiotics= foods. What timing to have read your article. This addition to the meager list of probiotic foods will make my transition to eating in a more healthful way much easier. Thank you.

...a few hours later...I found the tea at Target.


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