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Monday, April 13, 2015

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil - Is One Better for You?

Olive oil is the foundation of the Mediterranean diet and has been studied extensively.  Much research shows the benefits to cardiovascular health from olive oil.  Dr. T. Jared Bunch states in his blog:  Olive oil has more “good fat,” monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, than virgin coconut oil.
There is a flip side that he also explores. Although coconut oil has 10 times the amount of bad saturated fat than olive oil, the fats from coconut oil are plant based.  They are not as harmful as saturated fats from animals.  Additionally, the saturated fat from coconut oil comes from lauric acid which increases both bad and good cholesterol. The effects of saturated fat from coconut oil have detractors and proponents.

Proponents believe there are benefits to coconut oil.  The polyphenols in coconut oil reduce high blood pressure and the flavonoids reduce inflammation. The Vedda, an indigenous culture in Sri Lanka have a diet in which the only constant is coconuts. Two hundred seven Veddas were studied and found to have no heart disease. Before 1950, the general population of Sri Lanka consumed an average of 107 coconuts a year and heart disease was rare.  Since 1978, cardiovascular disease has become  the leading cause of death because saturated fats were vilified and people drastically reduced their coconut consumption.

In coconut growing areas of India and in the Phillipines and Fiji, there has not been a single case of heart disease ever reported until the mid 20th century.  When local people switched to imported, processed vegetable oils, they signed their death warrant from heart disease.

Recently published research from Sri Lanka shows that coconut oil is not a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and that coconut residue may even be a treatment for heart disease.

Dr. T. Jared Bunch says olive oil is the best choice for heart health.
Dr. Bruce Fife, ND chooses coconut oil. 

Whatever oil you choose, for better nutrition use it sparingly.

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