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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Juicers: Centrifiugal, Masticating, or Slow Juicers

If you already juice, or want to juice more and find that your equipment is not making product that you enjoy, this article is for you. The best juicer is the one works to execute your needs.

Juicers range in price from  $40 or $400 and everything in between, so you should know whether features benefit you or not. Jessica Harlan a cooking equipment expert at About Food explains how juicers break down fruits and vegetables is the main difference. The best juicers for you may not be at the top of the price range.

Centrifugal force juicers separate the juice from the pulp by shredding and are great for pretty much everything except greens. If you want to get your vegetables in liquid form, the masticating juicer is better for that purpose.  They are easy to recognize because their design is horizontal.

Like the name suggests, they have a chewing action which crushes the food. Because they are capable of extracting more nutrients than centrifugal juicers,  you do get more bang for the increased buck you are spending. The taste is better, too.

If the horizontal masticating juicer is not slow enough for you, there are slow juicers that masticate upright and supposedly provide the most nutrients.

Fresh juice is made to drink immediately. Despite some contrary literature, in my opinion, there is not enough heat from centrifugal force or enough time elapse from oxidation that you risk the loss of nutrients from the process of creating juice with a centrifugal force juicer.


Maybe you have been swayed by the Vitamix demonstrations at Costco or like the convenience of a Nutri Bullet.

To be perfectly honest, I like my juice made with milk and ice and I like pulp. I use a Waring Blender, avocado green, that could easily be 40 years old.  For that reason alone, I would recommend it.

Real experts have put together a directory of the best new juicers. Study this buying guide and others before making a purchase of the best rated juicer for you.

If you don't already juice your are missing out on a healthy, fast way of consuming fruits and vegetables. I love the colors.

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