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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - Eating for the Long Run

According to, so far it has taken taken approximately 1,009,491 days to build Rome.  The city has been sacked and rebuilt several times.

Why am I discussing this on Know Food Now? Because the analogy works with the intent of this blog. My advice should be used as  building blocks for behavior change. One thing you can do today to improve your nutrition. Build a better you, brick by brick.
Most food plans are by the numbers. They have done the math for you. Vani Hari's plan takes 21 days, the Special K diet promises a 6 lb difference in only 2 weeks. There are the 50 healthiest foods and the 22 ways to stay on track with your diet.  Blogs want to give you lists so you have an easy take away.

And of course there is the scale.

Cut down on the 227 daily decisions you make about food, and give your brain and its ability to exercise will power a rest. Diets need to be simple. It's when you start adding the complexity of other ingredients that you lose count of what you are eating. I am not asking you to follow a list, just to make one behavior change daily. Marsha's diet plan is one day at a time.

Don't eat ice cream today.  That doesn't mean don't eat ice cream for the rest of your life.

Constructing the new you will take time and some re-building.

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