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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You Are When You Eat

Night Hawks by Edward Hopper
There are 24 hours a day in which to decide to eat or not to eat.  "When" is the diurnal dilemma for dieters.

A Spanish study by Frank Scheer found the timing of eating could be an important component of weight loss.

“The circadian system is made up of a master clock in the brain and peripheral clocks in most cells throughout the body. Normally, the master clock synchronizes all peripheral clocks, similar to the conductor of an orchestra. When meal timing is abnormal this leads to de-synchronization between these different clocks, resulting in a cacophony.”

It was found that night shift workers have a 40% higher risk of cardiovascular disease possibly attributable to the disruption of circadian rhythms.  Scheer's Spanish study reported that dieters that ate later in the day lost 22% less weight than the dieters who ate earlier. Both investigations support the relationship between circadian rhythms and metabolism.

Since American eaters consume their big meal at dinner, much needs to be learned. Whatever time you do eat dinner, the take away for dieters is to not eat after dinner.  Have fun and schedule dinner using Zulu Time.

For those with medical conditions, the take away is always to discuss your specific dietary needs with your doctor. 

Don't be a night hawk!

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