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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Food Arrangements - Visual Appeal and Appetite

Certainly my friend Barb has taken food arrangement to an extreme with this quiche and its expertly laid out interior. Food arrangements make eating fun and creative.

For beginners, arranging the food on the plate is an easy start.  We eat with our eyes.  Colorful  analogous arrangements of food demand our attention much more than monochromatic ones. Expectations of taste are higher with visually appealing food.

About half of the brain's cortex relates to the visual.  Only a small percent of the brain is concerned with taste.

Anyone can make a meatloaf with a "surprise" hard boiled egg center. Red sauce and greens are easy additions. Even the basic potato can be colorful when Andean purple potatoes, yellow potatoes or petite potatoes are added to the mix.

Color in meals should be should meet the eater's expectations.  The bounty of summer fruits and vegetables will add bright oranges, greens, reds, yellows and enjoyment to any meal.  Blueberries aside, blue food is the least appetizing.

Make your meals visually appealing with colorful fruits and vegetables.

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