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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Simple Foods - Let Flavors Speak

I want to be completely upfront that I do not like to cook.  For me food eaten in its simplest state, unaltered, but not raw, is the most delicious. If I want subtle or complex, I eat out.

The only way to manage caloric intake is to count all calories, and that's impossible if sauces, dressings and cremes are added to food.

Choose to eat simple foods that have flavor and avoid potatoes, pastas, chips and other "foods" that taste good only as sauce or salsa carriers.

Obviously, interesting food is more enjoyable to eat and some wonderful flavors get old.  But, many foods are enhanced by complementary flavors. With spices, vinegars, garlic, ginger and  lemons you can be creative with negligible added calories.  Poaching chicken or fish with herbs and citrus added to the water is delicious and very simple.

Try to avoid food adulteration. Maintain food color and taste by eating what's fresh, seasonal and simple. Try following Alice Waters cookbook, The Art of Simple Food.

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