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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marsha's One-Day-At-A-Time Diet Plan

We know that losing weight is a lengthy proposition.  A thinner you is not going to appear miraculously overnight.  And if staying the course is part of the problem, decide on short term goals you can achieve.

For me, that's one day. I didn't want a diet like 5:2, that restricted my intake severely two days a week so I could eat what I wanted the other 5.  I needed an eating plan that was good for me nutritionally every day.

Now despite the singular approach, a little homework is required to be successful on my One Day at a Time Diet Plan. Namely, write down the foods you like to eat and their calorie content. Include all of your favorite foods. Calorie counts can be found in books and online.

Simplistically if you want to lose weight and you are a man, 1600 calories a day will guarantee that, and if you are a woman, 1200.  To be specific, use a formula  to determine your calorie burn and calorie deficit to come up with your personal target intake.  Once you know your number, you can pick and choose from your list of favorite foods to create meals that do not exceed your personal target.

Theoretically you can lose 2lbs a week with this restricted calorie diet. Using the Mifflin-St Joer equation, you multiply your calorie deficit by 7 and then divide by 3500, the number of calories in a pound, to determine your weekly weight loss.

The best way to begin Marsha's One Day at a Time Diet plan is to start with an empty refrigerator and pantry.  Once that is accomplished, choose foods from your list of favorites and buy them on a daily basis. Practice portion control. You may have to eat the same meals two days in a row if the quantity purchased yields leftovers.  But remember you are eating your favorite foods so that should not matter.

Put the food in a small, different colorful bowls each day and you will be surprised at how different the experience of eating it becomes.

When you implement good eating habits daily, they become routine and the diet gets easier. But, not unlike the old sitcom by the same name, it's nice to have a friend or support system to cheer you on.

CAVEAT:  If you have a house full of kids or a hungry husband, my diet may not work for you.

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