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Friday, July 5, 2013

Ten Minute Dinners With Low Calorie Condiments

Let's face it, delicious dinners require preparation and the right ingredients. You can put a dinner together in 10 minutes, but advance planning is necessary.

If you open the refrigerator and there is nothing in it, then you can't make dinner in 10 minutes.

To reduce cooking time, it's great to have a few interesting condiments on hand like salsas, roasted tomatoes, chutneys, good olive oil, mustard seed, Himalayan sea salt and ground pepper.  Condiments give food character and prevent the "dinner doldrums." You don't have to eat the same old thing when you change your preparation style.  And "preparation" with condiments is as easy as unscrewing a jar.

Flavored vinegars are an inexpensive condiment with a wide selection.  Often the basis of marinades, if you aren't trying to tenderize meat, you don't need to wait to get benefits from vinegars. They are great drizzled over fruit, vegetables, meats and fish.  And of course there is the unproven apple vinegar diet.  At the other end of the spectrum,try vinegar based Mike's Hot Honey if you want to add heat and sweet, just don't use too much.

Most condiments are a low calorie flavor addition to help you eat healthy meals. They are also low in carbs. With pasta, a few leftovers, and the condiment of your choice you can make a ten minute dinner.

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