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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Women Jurors - George Zimmerman Accepts the Panel

I find it hard to believe that the jurors selected to hear the George Zimmerman trial are all women, only one of which is of another race, possibly Hispanic.

Since jurors are not supposed to be preemptively struck for reasons of race, or gender  how could this have happened? WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer states he has had only one all female jury in 35 years of trying cases.

The fact that the jury is all white is less significant because, according to Orlando defense lawyer, Diana Tennis,  the population in Seminole County is just 11 percent black.  She hinted that depending on the verdict,  the fact that there were no blacks on they jury might become a point of contention.  Blacks comprise 16.5% of the population in the state of Florida.

Benjamin Crump, the prosecuting atttorney made a statement: 
“With the makeup of this jury, the question of whether every American can get equal justice regardless of who serves on their jury panel will be answered.  Equal justice under the law is not a black value or a white value.”
Mark 0'Mara believes they have 6 jurors that can be "fair and impartial."

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