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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Google Nutrition Search - Why?

Do we really need nutritional data that is branded Google?  It is now possible to ask this search engine questions on Chrome or on your phone and find out nutrition information on over 1000 foods.

But honestly what is new here? Fooducate came out with its app in 2010. Their facebook fan page has 62,176 likes and they provide information on "over 200,000 products and growing daily."  The Fooducate app even comes with a scanner you can use as you shop. There of course is the free version, the one that comes with diet tracker for $3.99, a gluten free diet tracker for $4.99 and a diabetes nutrition and diet tracker for $3.99.  I think they have covered the bases.

Calorie Counter is online and as a mobile app.  Not only do they let you know the nutrition facts, they grade your meals so you really know how you are doing.  And they will help you with a  free friend finder or paid dietitian.

Huffington post reports that using USDA data, google nutrition will "provide calorie counts on more complex, complete meals like burritos or chow mein, and even some alcoholic drinks." I don't know if relying on government sources is really going to provide an accurate calorie count for a food as variable as chow mein.  But if anyone can make sense of the National Nutrient Data Base, google would be that company.

The Nutrition Facts labels are there to read and have been since the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act.  Google Nutrition Search does let you hear nutrition facts and that is a unique feature.

The problem  is that too many people just aren't listening.

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