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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Jodi Arias Story - e-books before we know the ending

The digital press has exploded with e-books detailing the sordid story of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.  Howard Polskin, editor at Thin Reads, reports there are already 5 e-book singles available about the case and this is before we know the ending.

Kindle singles, according to Amazon, are  “intended to allow a single killer idea — well researched, well argued and well illustrated — to be expressed at its natural length.” Who knew that the natural length of a book could be so short, 15-90 pages? The chief attribute of e-book singles is their price:  $.99 - $4.99.  For example Ted books are $2.99.  The typical Kindle book can range from $8 - $14.

The longest book, the 114 page, $3.99 Killer Girlfriend, by  Veteran Associated Press journalists Brian Skoloff and Josh Hoffner, was published 72 hours after the jury began deliberations.  The first  book published March 8, by Randi Stalker, if that is her real name, is 40 pages entitled, The Jodi Arias Guide to Dating: A Completely Unauthorized Parody. The shortest book,10 pages by Laura Vincent called, Murder in Mesa: All You Need to Know About the Jodi Arias Case is $1.99.

Regarding Killer Girlfriend, the publisher William Gladstone says, "We believe that this is the first time in book publishing history that a fully edited book has been published so quickly after a trial."  So I guess that means no typos.  For those of us who like an ending, the book will be updated once a sentence has been decided. And if you like being in a book club,  Killer Girlfriend  features interactive WeJIT technology that allows you to connect with the authors and other readers from within the e-book.

Are e-book singles the new comic books, just without the pictures?  Needless to say, the Jodi Arias name is gold right now and publishing anything that has her name on it, including this blog post, will make money. 

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