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Friday, May 31, 2013

Social Media Exploitation: Has Jodi Arias Cash Cow Run Out of Milk?

News is not stagnant.  Jodi Arias has stayed in the public eye through tornadoes and the torture of three women in Cleveland, but will her ability to make money for other people may soon be over?

I couldn't figure out how bloggers made money until I started writing about Jodi Arias. For me, she has been a niche worth exploring. My well researched posts on nutrition for KnowFoodNow had important information,  but they weren't raw enough to attract a significant following, or clicks, and probably LiveStrong and others were too much competition.

In two years and after publishing 121 posts about nutrition, eating behaviors, food knowledge, food politics and healthy diets, I finally made $100 from google on my blog. After only 10 days of writing about matters surrounding Jodi Arias and social media, and posting my blog on Technorati,  I have made $77.97.

Now obviously, this isn't a living, but from my sample of one, I can say topic is everything. I hope to cash in on Jodi and make an additional $22.03, so I can get my second $100 check from google, before the opportunity is over.  I hate to give this away, but no one else is taking advantage of Jodi Arias on Technorati except me so that helps.  I hope I didn't just give away my "dirty little secret!"

If the Jodi Arias story runs dry, because the public is bored by the replay of the trial for the new jury, or the prosecutor and family agree on a life sentence for Jodi, there is still hope for me. Then, the upcoming George Zimmerman trial will gain everyone's attention and be interesting to blog about. Trayvon Martin is being paraded as the poster child for our nation to revisit civil rights, plus there is the stand your ground law. The  issues are so much larger than the death of poor Travis Alexander that HLN should have no rating fears in the near future.

If I blog about George, who knows I may have the start of a herd of cattle, or at least one cow who has "got milk".

Article first published as Social Media Exploitation: Has Jodi Arias Cash Cow Run Out of Milk? on Technorati.

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