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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5:2 Is this Diet for You?

Do all good things come from the UK? Definitely some TV shows. I watch them while snacking. Perhaps to counteract this tendency, a much touted diet from the same country suggests that it's OK to eat whatever you want for 5 days of the week as long as you seriously, as in 500 calories per day, restrict what you eat for 2 days of the week.

Sounds easy so I was sure it was for me.  Of course you have already heard about this diet and perhaps even tried it while I have been procrastinating the start of it.

Note that the research has all been anecdotal,  so aside from "testimonials" all the actual testing was performed on rodents. With the disclaimer that I have not read the book, I would like to report back what I learn from my sample of one.  My goal weight loss is 5lbs.

Day 1:  Since there is no food in my house and I don't feel like going to the store I am making this a fast day. So far I have consumed leftovers from my garden vegetable salad at The Cheesecake Factory, including the French bread loaf, but without butter because I ate all the pats the previous night and don't have any butter.  Dinner was steamed broccoli crowns and white Thai jasmine rice, the amount cooked from 1/2 cup raw.  I think this has to be less than 500 calories.

Day 2:  Ate a hard boiled egg.  Went to art class. Ate bag of potato chips for 240 calories plus an apple for 80.  Ate a container of Vanilla Swiss Almond Haagan Dazs for dinner. I guess today will not be a fast day.

But you don't have to guess.  There is a  free calorie counter site that takes guessing out of the equation.  Not only does this site count your calories, but it grades your meal for nutrition. Obviously something the snacker in me needs.

Day 3:  Ate bagel with butter and coffee.  Already I am down 350 calories and realize I should have eaten an egg.  I am going to have to review some of my blogs on will power, training my brain, and making food substitutions if I want to stay at 500 calories!

I will update this blog at the end of the week with hopefully a report of weight loss.  That's what will determine if this diet is for me.  Is it for you is the question.

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