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Monday, April 29, 2013

What color is your Grape?

Black Grapes by MHallet

No matter how you color them, grapes are the summer season's go to fruit.  Although darker grapes contain more resveratrol, all grapes are  sources of manganese, vitamin K and vitamin C.

Grapes are low in calories. One cup (151g) of grapes is approximately 104 calories. WHfoods suggests that you treat 15-20 grapes as a one cup equivalent. Grapes are nutrient dense so they make your calories count. Eat them frozen to prolong your enjoyment.

In addition to being a healthy weight loss snack, there are many other benefits to consuming calories from grapes. Cardiovascular benefits have been studied  as they relate to the paradoxical consumption of food high in saturated fat and the lower incidence of heart attacks in France.

Some studies show that resveratrol blocks fat formation while others state that the chemical piceatanno is the  fat blocker.  Enjoy your red wine for this possible benefit, but as in everything moderation is key.

The low GI (glycemic index) of grapes gives them a blood sugar benefit for diabetics.  The combination of resveratrol and the water and fiber in grapes helps modulate the blood glucose response so grapes are a safe sweet for diabetics.

Enjoy grapes now while they are at their best.

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