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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Less than Perfect Snack - A New View on Popcorn

Popcorn can be a healthy, filling smart snack says a study presented at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting. They reported that "that an ounce of popcorn packed up to about 300 mg of polyphenols—almost twice as much of the same antioxidant as found in an ounce of fruit (160 mg)."

The reason is easy to understand.  Joe Vinson, Phd.chemist at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, "explained that the polyphenols are more concentrated in popcorn, which averages only about 4% water, while polyphenols are diluted in 90 % water that makes up many fruits and vegetables."

But there are several caveats. The hull contains about 90% of the anti-oxidants found in popcorn. So as you pick these nasty bits out of your teeth, make sure you swallow instead of spit.  Polyphenols have not been adequately studied in humans  and there are some risks.To suggest that eating popcorn to get more polyphenols is premature.

The preparation and toppings need to be considered when evaluating popcorn as a healthy snack. Only  an airpopper will do.

Vinson states that popcorn is the "perfect snack" because it is the only snack that is 100% unprocessed whole grain.  One serving of popcorn will provide more than 70% of the daily intake of whole grains.  Per the FDA, foods only have to be 51% whole grain to be labeled whole grain.

Of course anti-oxidants and grains are not the whole story. Popcorn does not contain vitamins so while it is a great great chip substitute and reduces hunger, in my opinion it is less than perfect snack. And grains are not recommended in the LCHF Diet.


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