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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cream of Broccoli Soup 
What I love about Sylvie Shirazi's recipes is that I always learn something new. In this case, the use of hemp seeds in soup is the take home information.You won't get high off this soup unless "warmth and nourishment" make you feel good. Sylvie confesses to eating her broccoli soup every day this winter. I would concur that it is delicious. 

Hemp and marijuana are varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant and  both are illegal to cultivate within the US. You can, however, buy hemp products, including seeds. If your local health food store does not stock them, there are many online sources for purchase.

Pureed into the vegetables they impart an almost imperceptible nutty flavor. But their nutritional value is significant and hemp seeds makes this simple soup a complete meal. The garnish of feta adds a nice contrast, but the soup can be vegan. The soup gets its creaminess from pureeing.

The hemp seeds contain a near perfect balance of amino and fatty acids. 

Use white soup bowls to allow the true color of the broccoli to be the star of the bowl.

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