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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Find Clothes That Fit - Four Online Tools to Help You

Looking in the mirror is not all that it's cracked up to be. Many women just don't know their size in clothing. And the image staring back at them is not what they want to see.

With size inflation and variation among vendors it's not surprising how many garments you need to try on to find clothing that fits.  And to find clothing that also flatters can make the shopping experience difficult except to the most inveterate.

There are several online tools that let you visualize yourself at different weights and see what clothing styles flatter you. The weight mirror tool is fun because you upload a picture of yourself and see how weight loss transforms your appearance, not that of a virtual model.

Another new website translates your size from one brand  to another. So for example if you know your size in Gap jeans the site will give you recommended sizes for other brands. It requires a little work, but if you shop on line it will save you time and money. Most people fall into the following body classifications: athletichour-glassapple or pear, but  Shop Your Shape has determined 8 female body shapes and helps you figure out yours.

You need to buy what fits no matter what size you are. Fit is key because the first step to a slim look is to wear clothes that are the right size, not too loose and definitely not too tight.

The next step is to be objective about your body type and dress accordingly.  The weight mirror tool will help you see yourself more accurately than just staring into the slimming mirror you have at home.

Behavior modification for weight loss and healthy eating requires an acknowledgment of where you are and what you want to change. These four tools, my virtual model, weight mirror, size wand, and shop your shape identify your starting point.

Take them into the real world to have some fun. If you are still uncertain that you see yourself correctly in clothes, an objective friend is an  invaluable shopping companion.

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