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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Salad Recipe

Consider preparing this gorgeous salad for your holiday guests. It has all the colors of the season, and if you buy the pomegranate seeds, called arils,  it is quick and easy to assemble.  To save money and avoid the mess, extract the seeds under water.

The recipe, by Jenne Claiborne, highlights how you can be creative with food. From the photo, you can see she added pale green granny smith apples to pop the color of the darker greens and she left out the red quinoa.  If you want to use it as your entree, consider keeping the quinoa.

Besides being beautiful and a bouquet of flavor, this combination of ingredients packs a nutritious punch.  The kale, sweet potato and mint are high in fiber, vitamin A and calcium, and the apple and pomegranate add vitamin C to the mix. See the benefits of quinoa here.

Let Jenne inspire you.  What I have learned from reading her blog and  recipes, is that there are many surprising food combinations when you think out of the box.  Her recipes really do stimulate the soul. If you are lucky enough to live in NYC, let Jenne cook  a vegan meal for you.


Jan said...

The vivid colors of this salad make my eyes salivate! Yum. It is uniquely makes the most of the fall season with the roasted sweet potatoes, pomegranate seeds and apples. I think kale is also harvested in late fall. Pretty special.

Marsha said...

Thank you for your comment! Jenne is incredibly creative in her food combinations. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and avoided serving a heavy sweet potato dish.

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