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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quinoa Salad with Zucchini, Baby Greens and Feta
I love quinoa as an additive to salads and when I received Sylvie's post with her exquisitely photographed micro greens, zucchini and quinoa salad I knew I had to share it with you.

When developing her recipes, Sylvie selects the most beautiful food combinations. The micro greens are the right size to complement the quinoa seeds and grated zucchini and they let the large white feta chunks dominate.

Micro greens are certainly "California" cuisine and can be found locally at edgy/foodie restaurants and better markets. For those not living in California or Lilliput, it is possible to order these greens online at Amazon and other sites.  Microgreens even have their own Facebook page. If you want these adorable salad accessories close at hand, grow your own baby plants from seeds.

Don't worry if waiting for FedEx ground, or worse yet, 10 days for sprouts to grow, is too stressful.  You can make this wonderful salad today.  Note that Sylvie says these greens are the garnish, not the main attraction. Use pea shoots, baby spinach leaves, or other tender greens you can locate easily. Sylvie says, "Fresh, nutty, creamy and satisfying, this is the kind of salad that highlights the best that Mother Nature has to offer."

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Medifast Coupons said...

Nice ingredient line-up, thanks for a new salad to try.

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