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Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 Reasons to Change Your Eating Behavior Today
Not you?  This photo could illustrate the number one reason you want to change your eating behavior, but it shouldn't. Dieting to lose weight is #2.

The #1 reason to change your eating behavior is to extend your life and make it healthy.  Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women and the primary causes of cardiovascular problems are diet related.

Obesity, diabetes, high total cholesterol and high blood pressure can all be lowered by a healthy diet.
And the bonus is that a healthy diet will create weight loss that comes off slowly and stays off.

Learn to eat nutritious foods instead of calorie laden fast food that has no nutritious value. Portion control is also a consideration because even healthy eating means taking in calories.

To get started, you need to know your numbers for blood pressure and cholesterol.  Make an appointment with your doctor, find out where you stand, and see how  making changes in your diet can lower your numbers.

Note that men and women who accumulate belly fat are more likely to be at risk of serious health problems than people who accumulate fat in other areas. According to the Mayo Clinic, for women a waist size of 35" and for men a waist size of 40" are cause for concern. No matter how many sit ups or crunches you add to your exercise program, they are not going to help you reduce belly fat unless you reduce calories.  Flatten your tummy by eating behaviors that limit saturated fat.

Nothing succeeds like success itself.  Changes in behavior will help you create new ways to think about food and your weight loss will boost your self-esteem and reinforce the new behaviors. Think cognitive dissonance which is a theory that says we reduce stress by bringing our attitudes in line with our actions.

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