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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special K Challenge

Is there any reason  not to try the Special K Challenge to lose 6 pounds off your waist in 2 weeks.

They have 4 different plans to choose from, even one for chocolate lovers. Of course to follow the plan exactly, you will be purchasing  lots of Special K product.  Who knew they had so many products besides cereals?

The diet for each plan is basically 2 Special K® Meals, 2 Special K® Snacks, and 1 regular meal each day. You can substitute fruit for the snacks, but their fiber laden snacks maybe the only thing that staves off your hunger.

It is definitely possible to lose 6 pounds in two weeks eating only one meal a day.  I am not sure why they think that my waist will be the beneficiary.  But this is a good way to jump start summer.  It is not a long term plan for conscious eating habits.  Read the WebMD review of the the Special K Challenge for more in this vein.

I am going to do the Classic Plan Friday meal every day.  I don't care about variety,  it keeps shopping simple, and there are fewer Kellogg's products that need to be purchased. So I will start my days with cereal, snack twice a day with their honey nut cereal bars which are only 90 calories each, or substitute a fruit, lunch on their strawberry protein meal bars, and have salmon for supper.

Their recipe for lemon pepper salmon with asparagus looks really good.  It so happens my freezer is full of salmon from Costco. Note the portion size, 4 ounces, is about 1/2 what you would be served in a restaurant. WebMD criticized  the "meal of your choice" portion of the Special K Challenge saying the diet made no mention of the content or size of this meal. But they need to re-read the plan.  It is a severely limited meal.

And you have heard this before, I am starting my diet tomorrow.  SERIOUSLY!  See links to my shopping list and their diet book below:

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