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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Food Diary - Developing Healthy Eating Patterns

My recommendation for today is to keep a food diary.

A weight watchers concept, keeping  a food journal may be your "aha" moment. For a week, record everything you put in your mouth. Knowing what you really eat versus what you think you eat is a good place to start understanding your personal dietary behaviors.

There are many ways to eat for a healthy outcome.  We have all heard about the Mediterranean diet, vegetarian diet, Asian diet, DASH diet for hypertension etc. Fad diets are ubiquitous.

Building on foods you naturally enjoy is a simple way  to tweak your nutrition and develop better eating habits that will stay with you.  The idea behind this blog is to provide daily ways to achieve a nutritious diet with appropriate caloric intake.  If you want a crash course,  you can consume the "whole enchilada", at the USDA website.

DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)
Weight Watchers 2011 3 Month Tracker Journal
The Calorie King Food & Exercise Journal

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