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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eating As Art

Food Collage: 
Bialy, Dorota
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No matter what you put on your plate, it should be done with intent.

Not all dinner plates will have a happy face, but their design should use a lot negative space, which is the color of the plate. Remember when you didn't want your foods to touch?  As children we had lots of reasons for portion control.

Most adults outgrew being "picky eaters" when they were toddlers.  And I am not suggesting that you develop food aversions now.  But watching the size of your plate and how much food is on it, are good ways to achieve portion control.

Use My Plate to make your own food collage with the nutrition basics for healthy eating.  Recommended food groups and portion sizes will give you a happy face.

1 comment :

Jenny said...

What a great concept for managing portion control! As a kid I hated any food on my plate to touch any other food ... and now I'll keep "negative space" in mind as I dish myself dinner.

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